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tour itinerary
Week 1
Day 1 Arrive at Paro. Received by YT representative and transfer to the hotel. An orientation talk in the evening. Overnight at Hotel.
Day 2 Sightseeing of the Paro valley. Overnight at Hotel.
Day 3 Excursion to Taktshang Monastery. Overnight at Hotel.
Day 4 Paro to Shana, 17 km walk, alt. 2800m (Trek begins).
Day 5 Shana to Soi Thangtahankha, 9-10hrs walk , alt. 3750m
Day 6 Soi Thangtahankha to Jangothang, 19 km trail, alt. 4040m
Day 7 Jangothang to Lingshi, 19 km trail, alt. 4150m
Week 2
Day 8 Halt at Lingshi. Acclimatization and exploration of the valley.
Day 9 Lingshi to Chebisa, 19 kms walk, alt. 3850m
Day10 Chebisa to Shomutang, 17 km walk, alt. 4250m
Day 11 Shomutang to Robluthang, 18 km trail, alt. 4400m.
Day 12 Robluthang to Lemithang, 19 km walk, alt. 4100m.
Day 13 Lemithang to Laya, 10 km trail, alt. 3800m
Day 14 Halt at Laya. Cultural show in the evening with dances performed by local girls.
Week 3
Day 15 Laya to Roduphu, 19 km trail, alt. 4160m
Day 16 Roduphu to Narethang, 17 km walk, alt. 4500m
Day 17 Narethang to Tarina, 18 km walk, alt. 4020m
Day 18 Tarina to Woche, 17 km trail, alt. 3940m
Day 19 Woche to Lhedi, 17 km walk, alt. 3650m
Day 20 Lhedi to Thanza, 17 kms trail, alt. 4090m
Day 21 Thanza - for acclimatization. Short hikes for great views.
Week 4
Day 22 Thanza to Tshochena, 20 km walk, alt. 4925m
Day 23 Tshochena to Jichu Dramo, 14 km trail, alt. 4880m.
Day 24 Jichu Dramo to Chukarpo, 18 km walk, alt. 4950ml.
Day 25 Chukarpo to Thampetsho, 18 km trail, alt. 4210m
Day 26 Thampetsho to Maurothang, 14 km walk, alt. 4000m
Day 27 Maurothang to Shepu, 18 km walk, alt. 2500m (Trek ends)
Day 28 Drive from Shepu to Thimphu. Overnight at Hotel.
Week 5
Day 29 Sightseeing of the Thimphu valley. Overnight at Hotel
Day 30 Cultural program and time at leisure. Afternoon drive to Paro. On route visit Simtokha Dzong. Farewell dinner and overnight at Hotel.
Day 31 Departure - YT representative will help you complete the check in formalities and bid you farewell.
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April through October
Diverse flora and fauna. The blue sheep and Takin - the National Animal of Bhutan - can be spotted on this trek. The Swonmen Trek is the toughest of all the treks and the medical fitness checkup is highly recommended.
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