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UNO Klimakonferenz COP18
Weltklimakonferenz in Doha (Qatar) 2012
Vom 26. November bis am 7. Dezember 2012 fand in Doha (Katar) die 18. Weltklimakonferenz statt.

Katar ist eine Halbinsel, welche sich über eine Fläche von 11'437 km2 im Arabischen Golf (Persischer Golf) erstreckt. Katar verfügt über ein 25°C. Katar wird von Emir H.H. Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani geführt.

Message from His Excellency Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah
President-elect of COP18/CMP8 Doha
Qatar is delighted to welcome representatives of the world's media to Doha for the 2012 round of the UN Climate Change Conference - better known as "COP18/CMP8."

Doha is immensely proud to hold the 18th sessions of these meetings, which mark the first time that they have been hosted in the Middle East and only the second time that the Conference has been hosted by an Arab nation.

Now more than ever, the issues at the heart of these negotiations are at the forefront of global debate and discourse. All seven billion people living on the planet share a single challenge: climate change.

Here in Qatar we are a coastal dryland nation, and on the front line of this fight. Our country is almost 100 per cent dependent on the sea for its water and more than 95 per cent dependent on technology and trade for its food.

Qatar is also one of the 10 developing countries predicted to be most affected by rising sea levels. Climate change is a global issue that Qatar is working diligently to address.

Environmental sustainability is a key pillar of our National Vision, and our leadership on carbon capture and storage technologies received global recognition at COP16/CMP6 in Mexico. We have made record commitments to cutting-edge solar and water technologies that will improve our national food security while forging a healthier path for sustainable growth for millions throughout the world.

It is with this vision and these commitments to further progress that we welcome the UN Climate Change sessions to Doha. Please join us in ensuring that this Conference makes real progress on negotiations and drives practical progress towards a sustainable future. Together we can build a bridge that leads the nations of the world to a meaningful and inclusive agreement on climate change policy.

Source: Doha Qatar COP18, November 2012
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